Surrey Audio Works have had the pleasure of repairing many vintage, and even historically important amplifiers. Vintage equipment is always handled with great care, and consideration for the authenticity and future reliability the customer needs to achieve.

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Vintage instruments have nearly always had an eventful life, often having been repaired or modified by the owner, with varying success. Surrey Audio Works can rewire and overhaul any instrument to a high standard, bringing reliability and peace of mind for gigging musicians.

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Surrey Audio Works have been designing, building, installing, operating and repairing professional PA systems for over 30 years. Repairs and upgrades to all aspects of a system can bring enhanced reliability, so musicians and DJ's can concentrate on their music, rather than worrying about their equipment.

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Many people have a vintage valve radio in their family, sometimes working, but often abandoned in the loft or garage. These lovely old heirlooms can be restored and brought back into regular reliable use, with the addition of a Bluetooth receiver and/or aux input socket, so your digital music collection on your phone can be played through the original valve circuit. Surrey Audio Works have been restoring vintage valve radios for some time, and usually carry a stock of restored radios for sale.

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