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Equipment Servicing And Repairs

From a vintage valve amp (our specialty), to a modern PA system, Surrey Audio Works can complete whatever servicing and repairs are required to get your gear back on the road and keep it working reliably. We can also carry out modifications to circuits, or instruments and have had great success helping musicians get the tone and character they need from their setup. Here are our rates and terms for repairs

We Make The Best Leads!

We've been making high quality professional audio leads for over 30 years. If you have a bag of leads that you can't entirely trust (as most musicians do) then allow us to test, repair, replace and consolidate your collection as necessary, to bring you peace of mind whenever you reach for lead! Please check out our cables & leads section too - we're frequently adding new specialist leads and options.

We Can Rewire Your Instrument

You may just have some scratchy pots, or maybe want to try some different tone controls or pickups? We can re-wire your guitar as you wish, or take it back to factory specs.  Have you bought a second hand instrument you need checking out before you gig it? Do you need a pickup fitted to an acoustic instrument maybe? We can certainly help you there!

PA System Servicing, Repair and Hire

Surrey Audio Works have helped musicians with servicing, repairs, consolidation and design of their PA system, to keep their gig setup as simple to use and reliable as it can be. Surrey Audio Works can also supply high quality PA equipment for concerts, festivals, parties and celebrations etc. We have great sounding professional gear, and have a wealth of experience mixing and recording live bands of all types over many years. Please contact us to discuss your project.

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