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Does Vicks Vaporub Trigger Asthma

Never put Vicks VapoRub directly on your pet’s skin. Camphor is toxic to animals. It can cause a skin reaction, and in large enough amounts, it can cause seizures and even death. Healing rough skin... Rubin and colleagues suggest that Vicks VapoRub may stimulate the production of mucus and inflame the airways, which can severely affect breathing in infants and toddlers because their airways are...

If you're using the vicks vaporub because you have a cold or something, keep in mind that an infection can make your asthma worse for a while. Whether or not you have a cold, you should still see your doctor about stepping up your treatment to get your asthma under control. Helpful - 0 Comment Nhlfreak Prob a unique and diff way to self med is.


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